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What You Need To Know About Electronic Cigarette Refills

One of the things you may wonder about if you are considering taking up e cigs is what you should do about electronic cigarette refills. You may have heard that there’s a lot of maintenance involved in taking care of e cigs and that refilling the cartridges is a hassle. This is a concept that is both true and false. Read on to find out why.

In the old days of electronic cigarettes, they were all three piece. They consisted of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The battery was the longest lasting part as you could recharge it over and over and it would have a pretty long life. That is still the case today only more so because e cig batteries have improved a lot over the last few years.

The second part of the old-fashioned e cig was the atomizer that contained a heating coil powered by the battery to heat up the e liquid into vapor. You would use the atomizer over and over again, too, and this had both good and bad points. On the upside, it saves money to reuse atomizers and it’s better for the environment. On the downside, if you aren’t careful and you use your atomizer for too long, you’ll end up with a yucky burnt plastic taste in your mouth when it begins to wear out. Additionally, reusable atomizers required some cleaning and maintenance.

The third part of the old fashioned electronic cigarette was the cartridge. This is what a lot of people are talking about when they say “electronic cigarette refills”. You could buy cartridges pre-filled or empty, and you could buy e liquid separately and refill them. In those days, this practice was considered thrifty. Of course, it is better for the environment to use fewer cartridges, and when you do your own refills, you can mix your own custom e liquid flavors. On the downside, it can be time consuming and if you are not careful it can be unsanitary.

You can still get three piece e cigs, but they are not common. They have mostly been replaced by two piece technology that consists of a powerful, rechargeable lithium ion battery and a handy device called a cartomizer. This item combines the cartridge and the atomizer into one sleek unit.

Cartomizers are intended to be disposable, so many people today refer to them as electronic cigarette refills. You simply order the number of cartomizers you want in the flavor you want (they are usually less expensive in bulk). When you can tell your cartomizer is running low (because of decreased vapor production) you simply pop it into a plastic recycling bin and screw another one onto your battery.

It may sound like this is more expensive than using refillable cartridges, and at first it was; however, these days cartomizers are very affordable and vaping with disposable cartomizers is convenient, economical, hygienic, and because cartomizers are recyclable, not too hard on the environment. Additionally, with disposable cartomizers, you never get that yucky burnt plastic taste.

Nonetheless, there are some people who still like to mix their own custom e liquid flavors, and these folks actually do reuse their cartomizers. If you want to try this, there are lots of videos online that can show you how. Really, though, with all the wonderful e cig flavors available today, you will probably find you are far better off ordering handy disposable cartomizers in a variety of flavors as your electronic cigarette refills.