Electronic Cigarettes And Natural Alternatives Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smokers usually want to stop smoking, but they often feel as if they simply cannot. Very often, smokers who simply try to stop are overcome with terrible side effects that seem to be worse than smoking. Among these are weight gain, dry mouth and even uncontrollable rage. Today, there are many alternatives to going cold turkey or using potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Among them are electronic cigarettes, hypnosis and acupuncture. Read on to learn more.

Many people stubbornly hold onto the notion that going cold turkey is some sort of indication of strength of character. The fact is, it is simply a foolish way to try to end a lifelong addiction, and it is probably destined to fail. You didn’t become hooked on cigarettes with one action or decision, and you are not going to be able to quit that way. Becoming addicted is a process and so is reversing that addiction.

Acupuncture has been used by many smokers to relieve the symptoms of stopping smoking. The benefits of acupuncture are that it helps you focus and it reduces anxiety. Additionally, the treatments represent a relaxing hour away from the world when no one can bother you or expect you to do anything but rest and perhaps focus on stopping smoking.

Hypnosis is also very helpful for people trying to quit smoking. This method also helps with relaxation and stress reduction and takes the psychological and emotional ties to tobacco addiction into account. Hypnosis helps you modify your thought processes and your behavior. Many smokers have had a great deal of success with this method.

In the interest of following a process to stop smoking, many smokers have taken up electronic cigarettes. E cigs are an electronic version of tobacco cigarettes consisting of a lithium ion battery, a cartridge containing a simple flavored nicotine solution and an atomizer to heat that solution into steam to be inhaled. Smokers find electronic cigarettes to be very satisfying and an excellent substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

The difference is that e cigs contain only nicotine and none of the other chemicals and toxin found in tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, by switching to e cigs, smokers can control the amount of nicotine consumed and eventually reduce it to none at all.

Pharmaceutical stop smoking alternatives are often quite dangerous and may have negative interactions with medications and/or other stop smoking attempts. The methods presented here are safe to use together, and many smokers find a great deal of success by combining hypnosis, acupuncture and judicious use of electronic cigarettes.

While some people claim that e cigs are dangerous, the fact is that in the ten years they have been in use no one has become seriously ill or died from using them, yet many cigarette smokers have done so. Any injuries or problems related to e cigs have ultimately been found to have been caused by improper use of the device. While some e cig users have had allergic reactions, even this may have been a result of using an inferior quality of UK e liquid.

You can take control of your efforts to stop smoking by making good use of smart, mindful methods such as hypnosis, acupuncture and electronic cigarettes. Save your money and save your health with these great ideas.